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                   Computer Repair Service

Commercial and Residential Service
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  Computer Repair & Support of Software & Hardware
      Software:  Troubleshooting data corruption, data backup & basic recovery*,
      Hardware: Troubleshooting, replacement*, upgrades*, & new purchases**.
      PC Support: OS installs,repair,recovery,clean up,Optimizations & upgrades.
      Laptop, NoteBook: Installs,repair,recovery,clean up,Optimizations & upgrades.
Hardware Repair, Screens, Keyboards, hard drives, ac jack repair.

  Virus, Spyware & Other Malicious AD-ware
       Spyware is one of the biggest threats; it can lead to identity theft, browser
       hijackings, & hackers. It can take over your system and make it impossible to use.
       Virus Removal: Removal of viruses, ad-ware, spy-ware & mal-ware.
       Anti-Virus Solutions: Programs to help you keep the bugs at bay.
       Malware Solutions: Cleanup and removal of Malicious spyware.

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* If plausible, available, or necessary.          
** New purchases are billed for research time.
Microsoft, Windows, Microsoft Windows, Windows Specialist, Computer Repair Windows, Windows Repair, Windows Support, Microsoft SpecialistSpecializing in Microsoft Networks, but not limited to. (Also, Apple Mac)
Schedule Maintenance plans available at an affordable flat rate

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