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    Go Green , Recycle Your Computers

We have taken "Going Green" serious.
What does Green mean?
Click here to find out    

I myself, am already recycle everything I can on a daily basis.  We are taking steps to collect and recycle computer parts and sending them off to firms that recycle.

We will take and recycle things for you, such as old computer parts, whole computers old monitors, even your ink cartridges.  If we are onsite and see that you have these things and don't wish to do yourself, then we will collect these items and recycle them when we drop off our stuff to be recycled. 
save the planetSaving the Earth helps us and ours to come. 
A little effort can go along way, so think before you throw it away.

Many places like Best Buy & Staples, will take your used inkjet cartridges and more. 
Also, some schools offer recycling bags that are postage free and easy to use.


We are proud to do our part in GOING GREEN.
Call for pickup.
Computer hardware, parts, pcs & monitors.
Creative Recycling / Technology Conservation Group


Save the Earth, Save ourselves...
Donate your used printer cartridges and cell phones to the SPCA.
Throw them a bone and donate something from their wishlist.

Recycle electronics
Learn ways to "GREEN YOUR TECHNOLOGY" here

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